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From the source to the estuary, our artisanal spirits tell the story and embody the Seine. Sometimes rural, sometimes urban, their aromatic profile will navigate from vegetal to Seine-marine.

To be consistent with our history and mission, the water used in the crafting of our spirits comes from a spring at the foot of the Langres plateau and is purified by us at the Distillery. The majority of the herbs, flowers, and fruits used come from the lands bordering the Seine.

photos des cinq produits de la distillerie , à gauche le gin ensuite la vodka le pur malt le loupé et le pastis

Fourth Generation of Distillers

Serge Bouvier, the third generation of Bouvier distillers, passed on the passion to his son, Manuel Bouvier. Together, they distill fruits from the family orchards: plums, mirabelles, pears, grape pomace, and recently, quince.

Manuel Bouvier le fondateur de la distillerie de la seine devant l'alambic
Photo de l'alambic Müller de la distillerie de la seine

Our pot still

The Distillerie de la Seine is an artisanal workshop located in the heart of the former slaughterhouses of Le Havre, in Normandy.

Inside our premises sits our Müller Aroma pot still.
We are very proud to be able to create our distillates with such a majestic and rigorous tool. It is with this still that we control and refine the aromas of our spirits, including organic Vodka, Gin, Pastis, Amer, and aging organic Whisky.

Discover the art of creation

Come with friends or family and discover the secrets of the distillery in a unique tasting experience.

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Respect for traditions

Distillation takes place in our Müller Still.
At Distillerie de la Seine, everything is done by hand, from distillation to packaging and shipping.

The pleasure of the senses

The Distillerie de la Seine promises unique spirits with original recipes to offer you tastings that will awaken your senses.


Within the distillery, we prioritize local products to showcase the resources
of our terroir.

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